Klaus Kiermeier's Harzbahn 1873

Game players assume the roles of investors who invest in the mining industry and the developing railway system of the Harz Mountains. Also, they run the companies in which they invest. There are three types of companies in the game: private mining companies, public mining companies and railway companies.

Private Mining Companies can be bought by the players at the start of the game. Later in the game, Public Mining Companies may be formed by merging two private mining companies. These companies may then expand further by buying more independent mines from players or the bank. Finally, there are of course Railway Companies. These are also public companies, but in contrast to the public mining companies players need to own a Concession in order to found a railway company. At the start of the game, only the concessions of the HBE and the GHE can be bought. The concessions of the other railway companies are only available later in the game, thus partially reflecting the historical development.

An important feature of the game is the way in which Technological Progress is implemented. Over the course of the game, machines, trains and switchers of the first generations become more and more obsolete so that they incur higher and higher Maintenance Costs. Therefore, it can happen that a company that has not invested in new machines or trains, cannot afford the due maintenance costs and thus becomes insolvent.

Game Components
  • 1 game board with a map representing the central Harz Mountains, stock market, and the bank pool 
  • 7 concessions for railway companies 
  • 15 certificates for mines 
  • 13 charters for public companies 
    • 8 railway companies 
    • 5 mining companies 
  • 130 share certificates for public companies 
  • 35 train and machine cards 
  • 111 track tiles in the colours yellow, green, brown, and grey 
  • 5 turn order cards 
  • 1 round marker 
  • 1 +50 marker for the Harzer Werke 
  • 13 stock value markers (one for each public company) 
  • 15 mine markers 
  • 54 station markers 
  • 30 machine markers 
  • 30 switcher markers 
  • Rules Booklet and Player’s Guide 
  • A bank of approximately 50,000 Marks must be supplied by the players 
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