Early Availability Prototypes

These games are produced the same as the final games, but some of the artwork or components may change between now and the final version publication. The game does not come with a rulebook, but it is available online. These prototype copies will be able to be updated to *play* the final game, although may produce a copy that is not as pristine as buying the final game and may not contain the final artwork or components. For example, changes may be made as downloadable “paste-ups” that the customer can apply on their own. The final rulebook  will be available for purchase upon final version publication for $10 (also will remain available online).

There are pros and cons of participation. Playtesters will have a chance to play the games early and provide feedback that may influence the final game. This phase will also help assess whether it is feasible to do a large scale manufactured print run where copies can be offered for cheaper.

The intention is that most people will wait for the final game to be completed, but while we’re doing the late stage playtesting, some other people can join in and make the games quality even better.