18USA requires a copy of 1817.

Each copy of 18USA comes with the following components:
  • Mounted quadfold map board
  • Mounted bifold stock market
  • Laminated Bank of New York sheet
  • 83 laminated/cut tiles
  • 42 laminated/cut double-sided certificates (new private companies and additional trains)
  • 27 laminated/cut square token tiles
  • 11 wood tokens with token labels
  • Rule booklet that contains rule differences from 1817.
The following components are needed from 1817:
  • Rule booklet
  • Trains
  • Tiles
  • Company certificates/charters/tokens
  • 5/10 share markers
  • Loan markers
  • Coal/bridge/round/interest tokens
  • Player order cards
  • Priority deal card
18USA Company Upgrade Pack
The companies included in 1817 are thematic to the northeast US. This pack allows players to play 18USA with major US companies including playing with the 10 shorts variant. The 18USA Company Upgrade Pack includes certificates, charters, and tokens. This product does not include all the additional items to make 18USA into a complete standalone game. A painted upgrade token pack is also available.

The 18USA Upgrade Pack includes:
  • 20 Charters
  • 580 Company Certificates
  • 200 tokens with labels

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