Prototype available during April 2019 only.

Prototype Available for Preorder Now (Ordering Window Closes April 30)

The prototype process for 18Chesapeake, 1761, and 1822CA went well last year and I’m hoping to repeat with 1822MX.  Players got a chance to play the games early and provide feedback on the rules and components. 1822MX is designed from the ground up to be a smaller 1822-style game, but not compromise on leaving the strategic options of a full 1822 game. The new twists are a national company that takes on exported trains that players can invest in as well as a new system for building track by paying in game tempo, not cash (marked with extra cubes). The cost to buy the prototype now plus the add on components will be about the same as purchasing the final game when it is available. The current plan is that the board will come manufactured preprinted with the game art, but the other components will be in the normal AAG style.

Scott Petersen,
Apr 5, 2019, 5:51 AM